1_QY5C8388Spending time in Tanzania for my current project #courageous . With waterfilter.care we visited schools, hospitals, politicians and households to talk and discuss about dangers of dirty water and the need of an access to clean drinking water.

I accompany waterfilter.care as a photographer while traveling in Tanzania to support this project within its reach. @waterfilter.care is the official cooperation partner of my current photography project #couragoeus and formulates together with all project participants what it means to take with courage, passion and ambition responsibility in our society and to face oneself.
To stay tuned about this project follow my posts here. The release of the project website will be soon! Don’t miss it – I will keep you updated ❤️

According to the WHO, 844 million people around the world have no access to safe drinking water. Many diseases are caused by polluted water. For example in Tanzania cholera outbreaks are still the result of contaminated drinking water. According to UNICEF, 4,000 people die every day from the effects of contaminated water; the human right to have access to save drinking water is still not guaranteed in many parts of the world.
In order to change this, 12 students launched the @waterfilter.care project as part of Enactus München in 2013 and set themselves the goal of empowering people through entrepreneurial action to ensure access to safe drinking water for themselves and others.