I  travelled with Waterfilter.care as a photographer to Kasulu, Tanzania to support and be a part of the organisation as a photographer. Waterfilter.care is characterized by the work of all volunteers and is a passionate project of all.
With Waterfilter.care as an official project partner I started my current photography project, which I title COURAGEOUS. This project is dedicated with all its income to the water filters and the development of the technology in Tanzania. The photography project COURAGEOUS is a portrait series of the project participants. I have followed them in their everyday life. Success, happiness, total exhaustion, anger and failure are all moods that surround this project and its participants every day. 
Together, the participants formulate the message what it takes to commit to your passion and your profession. It formulates the courage to take risks in order to shape one’s own daily routine and perhaps to resist social norms and values. Together, the project participants display that your everyday life and thus your profession is not only rationality and duty. Occupation can also be a space for creation and an opportunity for self-realization.  And this often means deciding against the possibly reasonable path and committing to what you really want to live for and get up in the morning. It means to unfold and shape yourself in your surrounding and to be successful with passion and self-confidence – to take responsibility towards yourself and society.


In 2014, students of the TU Munich recognized the severe drinking water crisis in Sub-Saharan Africa and that tackling this issue is crucial.
After 2 years of R&D and establishing contacts to leading NGOs, we started our pilot project in Kigoma, WESTERN TANZANIA. The idea was to produce and sell a organic filter based on a 19th century technology, which is continuously improved by institutions such as the MIT or the Princeton University.
In Kigoma, we learnt to assimilate to the local culture and infrastructure, and established a facility on the property of a local NGO to produce our filters.
In NOVEMBER 2018, we constructed our own FILTER FACTORY IN KASULU, a small town close to Kigoma.
This facility was visited & inspected by our European team in the spring of 2019. Today there are several employees on site, supervised by our first Waterpreneur Adolf Yanda. He works closely with our local partners. The project is coordinated from Munich and consists of 9 students working on a voluntary basis. Our project aims to create local businesses that can one day run on its own, making us not permanent coordinators, but initiators.
Our VISION is a world where everyone has access to safe water. To reach this objective within the span of our lifetime, we feel compelled to fight water contamination & create sustainable access to safe water.